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Poliermaschine Kuttermesser

Goetz GmbH – Your partner for Kuttermesser and food processing machines

Knives, blades and other cutting-products and can be found in a lot of industry branches. Often spare-parts are imediately needed to continue the process of production. Or companies are looking for experts, who can help with high-class equipment when it comes to cutting. In any case you`ve come to the right place when you have a look at the pages of Goetz GmbH, a company which is located near the Lake of Constance.

You can benefit from our individual offers, which are based on your needs and specifications in order to gain maximum performance. Companies all over Germany trust in our experience, in the technical knowledge of our workers and in our high-qualtiy products. We the Goetz GmbH offer our different Cutting-Systems ( patent pending) to the meat industry, to the food processing industry and to other branches in order to make the process of work more simple and efficient. Experience the increase of the endurance of your machines with our blades and the decrease of costs!